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Neutrophils are key to mounting an effective immune response when receiving a pneumonia vaccine Google 翻訳
Scientists exploring the nature of immunity after vaccination against Streptococcus pneumoniae have discovered that a type of white blood cell called neutrophils plays a more critical role than was previously known.

Problem gambling and crime appear co-symptomatic, not causal Google 翻訳
UB sociologist’s research suggests that factors contributing to one behavior are similar to those contributing to the other.

Study: Elevated heart rate in children with one type of heart failure increases risk of dying or needing a heart transplant Google 翻訳
Children with dilated cardiomyopathy, a common cause of heart failure in children, who have an elevated heart rate are at a higher risk of death than children with the condition who do not have an elevated heart rate.

UB to remove names of Millard Fillmore, James O. Putnam, Peter B. Porter Google 翻訳
The decision, effective immediately, aligns with the university’s commitment to fight systemic racism and create a welcoming environment for all.

Ghana program graduates 22 future leaders Google 翻訳
Twenty-two new graduates are equipped with the leadership skills to take their careers to the next level after completing the Leadership Empowerment Academy Program.

UB investigator’s research finds links between COVID-19 and neuromuscular disorders
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A literature review by a University at Buffalo researcher reveals two noteworthy findings related to COVID-19 and patients with neuromuscular disorders.

If widely deployed, strategies such as wearing masks can help WNY avoid a COVID-19 outbreak like those in the South and West Google 翻訳
Major challenges await Western New York and other parts of the state in late summer and early fall but there are strategies the community can take to reduce the risks of COVID-19 outbreaks.

UB researcher recruiting women whose partners are problem drinkers Google 翻訳
Women whose partners have a drinking problem are the focus of a UB clinical trial. 

UB diabetes expert’s research shows testosterone therapy can lead to remission in men with Type 2 diabetes
Study finds the male hormone reversed the condition in one-third of clinical trial participants.

How a crystalline sponge sheds water molecules Google 翻訳
Scientists use advanced techniques to observe how a specific crystalline sponge changes shape as it loses water molecules.

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