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DRINKWALTER: The Dominican adventure Google 翻訳
I was never as happy to be back in the USA as I was when our Jet Blue flight came skidding down the runway at the Buffalo airport a few weeks ago. Even if the air controller’s kid might have been the one to usher us in, Jet Blue was our salvation. We had arrived home from “a long strange trip” to the Dominican Republic.

OTHER VIEW: Stand by Kendra’s Law
New Yorkers need effective protection against violent attacks by the mentally ill, and the deeply troubled need proper treatment to prevent them from bloodily losing control.

MARREN: Shine some light on government Google 翻訳
In the newspaper industry, there is always an interest, and rightfully so, in shining light on public figures, contracts, salaries and more government business.

OTHER VIEW: Don’t invest in Iran
It’s an inexact calculation at best, putting a dollar figure on the undermined credibility of a legitimate U.S. effort to pressure Iran into thinking better of trying to develop nuclear weapons. Still, it’s worth a try.

WOLCOTT: World War II vets have a way of being remembered Google 翻訳
After I interviewed Kenneth Moss at his Cambria-Wilson Road home for a story that’s coming in our Pride Magazine in April, he stopped me at the kitchen door.

TOM CHRISTY: New York state's got a borrowing addiction Google 翻訳
New York state is in fiscal crisis — but that’s just too easy to say. It rolls off the tongue far too easily and sounds far less dire than the situation actually is.

OTHER VIEW: Lawyers upheld American ideals Google 翻訳
In the McCarthy era, demagogues on the right smeared loyal Americans as disloyal and charged that the government was being undermined from within. In this era, demagogues on the right are smearing loyal Americans as disloyal and charging that the government is being undermined from within.

FROM THE VALLEY: SpaghettiOs and ‘wascal wabbits’
I thought it was worth recognizing several people who have passed away since the start of the relatively new year. I share them with you as a “tip of the hat” for their contributions.

OTHER VIEW: State needs to look toward meaningful reform Google 翻訳
As New Yorkers grapple with the latest scandals enveloping their governor, the state faces some harsh fiscal realities — and the budget-approval deadline is rapidly approaching.

GEORGE ROOT: Breaking the chains Google 翻訳
I am not a young person anymore. Recently, I have been able to embrace that notion and start to work with it.

OTHER VIEW: Clean up, protect the Great Lakes Google 翻訳
The Great Lakes finally are in line for real restoration work — beyond the hold-the-line effort that has been showing signs of slowing or actually reversing course.

LEFFLER: Too many questions Google 翻訳
“We can’t move forward until you mail it back. ”That little slogan has been frustrating me now since I first heard it a couple months ago.

OTHER VIEW: Give Senate a chance to vote on medical marijuana Google 翻訳
Imagine, an open and honest debate in the state Senate, and on a very relevant and substantive issue. What happens all too rarely could happen quite soon, on the topic of legalizing the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

CONFER: An America less free Google 翻訳
Say the word “America” and a few other words immediately come to mind: freedom, liberty and prosperity.

EGGERT: Welcome to a new police officer Google 翻訳
On behalf of the Lockport Police Department, I would like to welcome David Pytlik as the newest member of our department.

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