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Beach tennis, anyone? Google 翻訳
Beach tennis is not your average court sport.

Dating friend's ex can be tricky Google 翻訳
Q: I'm in my early 40s and have been divorced for about two years now. I am hesitant to get back into the dating scene due to some baggage from my marriage. However, I have found myself increasingly attracted to an ex-boyfriend of one of my good friends. The attraction seems to be mutual, and I'm wondering if this is something I should consider. Please advise!

Keep work, home life separate Google 翻訳
Dear Abby: This summer, my boyfriend and I will be working together. I will be his boss. I want to maintain a professional environment while still keeping peace in the relationship. My boy-friend can be sensitive sometimes, so do you have any tips to help me separate my work life from my love life?

Crazy driving will wear cars out Google 翻訳
Dear Tom and Ray: Could you please settle an ongoing discussion that my family has had for years? On one side is my mother, my six sisters and me (that is not a typo; I really am one of seven girls. The baby is now 19, and we all are licensed drivers). On the other side is my father. You would think that after 40 years of being more and more severely outnumbered, he would've learned to just nod and go along with what we say like a good boy, but on this one point, he has proven himself to be ridiculously stubborn.

Faith brings hope Google 翻訳
Q: Every day, I watch the news on television. None of it rejoices my heart--the oil spill ruining our seashores, the war in Afghanistan, the problems on America's borders, millions of people out of work, our outrageous national debt, the polluted government.

Religion Notes /News of area faith groups Google 翻訳
Lectures continue

Kitchen couture: Stylish aprons move front and center Google 翻訳
Krista Schultz may not know much about cooking, but she knows how to tie one on.

Always running on empty Google 翻訳
The other day I had the unfortunate experience of having no shampoo or soap in my bathroom –spare a sliver of Ivory in the shower.

Garden Notes / News of area clubs and events Google 翻訳
Friends of Kenan Herb Garden Club and the West-ern New York Herb Study Group will take a daylong bus trip Saturday to Ithaca. Members will tour Cornell Plantations and Ithaca markets and eat lunch at Bakers' Acres.

Pino's Pizzeria: Tasty, ample portions of Italian authentic fare Google 翻訳
In a world of big-box stores and chain restaurants, it's a pleasure to find Pino's Pizzeria, a mom-and-pop establishment serving authentic Italian fare.

Vino's: Dining is just fine indoors or out Google 翻訳
Summer presents its challenges to the restaurateurs of Western New York. The siren call of backyard grills, golf courses and beaches is substantial. But, there's even more to worry about than that. With warm weather so fleeting around here, even the hungriest of people want to spend their every minute in the fresh air.

The Buzz: A visit from Shane, roses in Zumba class Google 翻訳
The jock

Dear Abby: 'Hopeless' can make a difference Google 翻訳
Dear Abby: Nineteen-year-old “Hopeless in Chandler, Ariz.” (May 21), said he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. When I was his age, I didn't know what I wanted to do, either.

Miss Manners: I'm listening, I 'really' am Google 翻訳
Dear Miss Manners: I'm afraid I often encourage nimrods who are ranting (parroting) Hate Radio. I'm one of the few people in existence who actually listens when others talk. And when listening, one occasionally grunts “Uh huh” to show we're still there.

Summer on ice: How two teachers turned time off into a tasty way to make cold cash Google 翻訳
Pester Jason Wulf long enough, and he will admit to making one ice cream flavor that just plain failed.

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