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7 smart ways to rehydrate after an intense workout Google 翻訳
Riana Pryor  is quoted extensively in a  SELF  magazine article on ways to rehydrate after intense workouts. 

Is TikTok the new Google? Google 翻訳
USA Today  featured  Yini Zhang  in a report that Gen Z is using TikTok in the same way that many people use Google – searching for basic information.

Map shows how close Super Typhoon Nanmadol is to Japan's nuclear plants Google 翻訳
Newsweek  interviewed  Andrew Whitaker  about if a super typhoon that is battering Japan poses a threat to the country’s many nuclear plants.

Why 'The Woman King' is a story that Americans need to see Google 翻訳
LaGarrett King  is quoted in a  MSNBC  opinion piece about “The Woman King,” a new film about the 19th century all-female military unit that protected the African Kingdom of Dahomey.

Single people’s budgets are stretched more than ever thanks to the singles tax
CNBC  quoted  Charles Lindsey  for a story about how budgets for single people are being stretched more than ever due to the singles tax.

The rising trend of impulse buying Google 翻訳
The Wall Street Journal  quoted  Sunyee Yoon  for a column about an increase in impulse buying due to rising prices, pandemic revenge spending and worries about an economic downturn that make people question why they are trying to save money at all.

When AI technology opened a Pandora's Box Google 翻訳
Radiolab  interviewed  Yan Liu  for a recent episode about how two scientists realized that the very same technology they developed to discover medicines for rare diseases can also discover the most potent and deadly chemical weapons.

UB Teacher Residency Program is ‘future of teacher education’
The Buffalo News  interviewed  Amanda Winkelsas  for a front-page article on how the UB Teacher Residency Program is the “future of teacher education.”

Life expectancy in the U.S. just had a historic drop Google 翻訳
Yahoo!Life  reported that life expectancy in the U.S. has dropped for the second year in a row and quoted  Nancy Nielsen , who said that the “magnitude of it does surprise me.”

Can Donald Trump be 'reinstated' as president? Google 翻訳
Newsweek  interviewed James Gardner about former President Trump’s claim that the government can overturn an election.

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