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To Keep Social Drinkers Safe, One Tech Company Is Bringing Breathalyzers to the Bar Google 翻訳
Buffalo Niagara and Canadian tech firm Ladybug Teknologies has launched a pilot program for the SipSmart Network, a breathalyzer kiosk that enables bar patrons to stay safe by checking their level of intoxication before they drive.

Media Advisory: Local Company to Pilot "SipSmart" Breathalyzer Kiosk Google 翻訳
Local company Ladybug Teknologies will host a party on Friday, Oct. 21 to launch the SipSmart Network, a system of breathalyzer kiosks that enables bar patrons to stay safe by checking their level of intoxication before they drive. The firm's U.S. headquarters is in the University at Buffalo Technology Incubator.

Making Science Exciting: $9.8 Million Program Aims to Change How Science is Taught in Buffalo Schools Google 翻訳
A coalition of regional partners has received $9.8 million from the National Science Foundation to expand a promising, teacher-focused initiative that aims to change how science is taught in Buffalo Public Schools. The five-year program, led by the University at Buffalo, Buffalo Public Schools, Buffalo State College and the Buffalo Museum of Science, is called the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership (ISEP).

New Knowledge About "Flawed" Diamonds Could Speed The Development of Diamond-Based Quantum Computers Google 翻訳
A University at Buffalo-led research team has established the presence of a dynamic Jahn-Teller effect in defective diamonds, a finding that will help advance the development of diamond-based systems in applications such as quantum information processing.

Surgeons, Start Tweeting! Embrace Social Media, UB Professor Tells Peers Google 翻訳
Surgeons should add their voices to social media and online discussions, while taking care to fully understand the potential security and medical-legal implications. That's the message from two surgeons -- and avid Twitter fans -- in the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, who recently co-authored "Making Social Media Work for Surgeons and Patients," an article published in the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons.

Medical Acoustics, UB Reaching COPD Patients with New Lung Flute Google 翻訳
An easy-to-use device developed by a local biomedical company, with UB's help, is providing relief to Buffalo-area patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

New York's Older Brick Buildings Are Especially Vulnerable to Extreme Events, such as Earthquakes and Hurricanes Google 翻訳
To get a better idea of just how much damage even a moderate earthquake would cause to unreinforced masonry buildings, earthquake-engineering researchers in the University at Buffalo's MCEER are reconstructing brick walls like those in New York City buildings that are approximately 100 years old.

East Coast Earthquake was Moderate but Significant, says UB Earthquake Researcher Google 翻訳
"The earthquake was moderate but significant because we haven't had very many earthquakes of this magnitude in the eastern United States or eastern Canada," said Andre Filiatrault, PhD, director of the University at Buffalo's MCEER (Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research).

'Hacktivist' Groups Like 'Anonymous' are not the Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity, says UB Information Assurance Expert Google 翻訳
UB Professor Shambhu Upadhyaya teaches and conducts research in the area of computer security. With hacker collectives carrying out high-profile cyber attacks -- most recently claiming to have stolen a large trove of data including personal information from U.S. law enforcement agencies -- Upadhyaya comments on how much of a threat these groups really pose to cybersecurity.

Department of Defense Funds Two UB Researchers Google 翻訳
University at Buffalo researchers Jason Corso and Natalia Litchinitser have been awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to conduct research into technologies that could help save the lives of American soldiers.

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