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Partnership brings UB’s program on the dangers of overmedication to a national audience
The nation’s oldest charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of older Americans has chosen UB as its partner in an effort to better protect older adults from preventable medical errors. 

AAMC awards UB national grant to teach health sciences students how to tackle, overcome medical disinformation Google 翻訳
UB has been awarded an important grant from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) that supports teaching health sciences students how to dispel medical disinformation.

Pharmacies are ideal location for community social needs screening Google 翻訳
The study will help UB researchers develop a toolkit that guides pharmacies through implementing screening services.

Researchers to test blocking ‘hypermutations’ in deadly bacteria
UB receives $4 million from NIAID to develop new treatments that prevent 'hypermutations' in antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

UB receives nearly $13 million to improve quality of HIV research around world Google 翻訳
The seven-year grant is the third contract awarded to UB to lead a clinical pharmacology quality assurance program for NIH-funded labs.

UB receives $2.3 million to develop drugs that stop ovarian cancer from feeding on fat Google 翻訳
UB has received a $2.3 million grant from the NIH to identify metabolic vulnerabilities of ovarian cancer and to develop potential treatments for the disease.

Developer of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine is keynote speaker at UB Alumni Weekend Google 翻訳
On June 4, Drew Weissman will visit UB to tell the truly amazing story of how he and his research partner co-developed the mRNA technology that made the COVID-19 vaccines possible.

Study tackles question that haunts people with MS: why do some develop severe disease while others never do? Google 翻訳
A first-of-its-kind UB study is exploring the question that haunts MS patients as soon as they are diagnosed: Am I going to become severely disabled by my disease?

UB and University of Zimbabwe HIV research training partnership receives $1.4 million from NIH Google 翻訳
The initiative supports graduate students and postdoctoral fellows completing HIV research at the University of Zimbabwe.

Black kidney transplant patients exhibit faster clearance rates of tacrolimus Google 翻訳
The UB-led study is one of the first to examine how both race and sex influence tacrolimus pharmacokinetics.

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