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Preparing for the next pandemic: NSF grants $1 million to UB to develop a rapid response system and build community trust Google 翻訳
A new NSF grant awarded to UB is aimed at developing ways to improve preparedness for the next pandemic. 

Study: Often overlooked, molecules called glycans regulate COVID-19 spike protein function Google 翻訳
New research highlights the role of molecules called N-glycans in SARS-CoV-2 infectivity — and as potential drug targets.

Partnership brings UB’s program on the dangers of overmedication to a national audience
The nation’s oldest charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of older Americans has chosen UB as its partner in an effort to better protect older adults from preventable medical errors. 

UB and UBMD Physicians’ Group launch the region’s only long COVID registry
UB and UBMD Physicians’ Group have launched the long COVID registry in order to learn more about the condition and to connect Western New Yorkers with treatment options and the potential to participate in clinical trials. 

UB neurosurgeons innovate powerful new ways to attack multiple blood clots deep in the veins of the brain Google 翻訳
The UB team that a decade ago helped usher in a new era in acute stroke treatment has turned its innovative approach to addressing the rare but potentially deadly phenomena when multiple blood clots strike deep in the veins of the brain. 

The best protection against COVID-19 could be a vaccine delivered through the nose Google 翻訳
As public health experts cautiously anticipate how COVID-19 will play out this fall, a UB scientist is reiterating that substantial immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus will only happen with a vaccine that can be delivered through the nose. 

UB CAT invests $253,000 in six life sciences companies Google 翻訳
The companies are developing treatments for cancer, neurovascular diseases and more.

8th annual Refugee Health Summit set for Sept. 10 Google 翻訳
This year's event will highlight the spirit of youth who arrived as refugees and the challenges they face in their new homes.

UB researchers unravel how mitochondrial dysfunction leads to premature aging and disease Google 翻訳
New papers reveal how mitochondrial defects lead to accelerated aging as demonstrated by shorter telomeres and other biomarkers of aging.

AAMC awards UB national grant to teach health sciences students how to tackle, overcome medical disinformation Google 翻訳
UB has been awarded an important grant from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) that supports teaching health sciences students how to dispel medical disinformation.

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