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Preparing for the next pandemic: NSF grants $1 million to UB to develop a rapid response system and build community trust Google 翻訳
A new NSF grant awarded to UB is aimed at developing ways to improve preparedness for the next pandemic. 

Study: Often overlooked, molecules called glycans regulate COVID-19 spike protein function Google 翻訳
New research highlights the role of molecules called N-glycans in SARS-CoV-2 infectivity — and as potential drug targets.

UB neurosurgeons innovate powerful new ways to attack multiple blood clots deep in the veins of the brain Google 翻訳
The UB team that a decade ago helped usher in a new era in acute stroke treatment has turned its innovative approach to addressing the rare but potentially deadly phenomena when multiple blood clots strike deep in the veins of the brain. 

UB CAT invests $253,000 in six life sciences companies Google 翻訳
The companies are developing treatments for cancer, neurovascular diseases and more.

UB ranked among top national universities in U.S. News & World Report Google 翻訳
UB is No. 38 among public universities, according to the rankings.

Studies in Bangladesh detail how e-waste recycling exposes workers to chemicals Google 翻訳
UB’s Nirupam Aich is working with partners in Bangladesh to research pollution and health risks associated with this industry.

Biomedical engineers aim to develop more effective TB vaccine Google 翻訳
The work is funded for $1.4 million over three years by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

UB engineering researchers receive NSF CAREER awards totaling $2.3 million Google 翻訳
Their projects will tackle pressing societal concerns ranging from racial inequality in the U.S. to PFAS pollution, the need for better semiconductors, and energy conservation.

Earbuds may soon detect ear infections, other ailments Google 翻訳
Study shows AI-backed earbud system is 82.6% accurate in spotting common ear infections, ruptured eardrums and earwax blockage.

Nanoshell catalysts turn greenhouse gases into useful chemicals Google 翻訳
Two University at Buffalo-led studies show promise for dry reforming of methane, an industrial process that could slow the pace of climate change.

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