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With classrooms closed, business professionals worldwide turn to UB TCIE Google 翻訳
Professionals beyond Western New York discover merits of the engineering school’s online programs during pandemic shutdown.

UB center launches online courses about solar energy technology Google 翻訳
As climate change increasingly drives adoption of sun-harnessing technologies, the number of clean energy jobs grows, too.

UB engineer to track how wildfires spread, help save lives Google 翻訳
Negar Elhami-Khorasani will study how fire spreads, considering uncertainties such as landscape, vegetation and environmental factors.

Study: Paper-thin gallium oxide transistor handles more than 8,000 volts Google 翻訳
The advancement surpasses silicon and other mature technologies, and could help improve distances that electric cars, locomotives and airplanes can travel.

On path to Black Belt certification, UB students overcome pandemic to deliver industry projects Google 翻訳
Students learn to delegate and adapt while earning the highly regarded industry distinction.

Three graduating UB students share their stories of triumph as the big day nears Google 翻訳
A first-generation high school and college graduate, an Afghan interpreter for U.S. soldiers and a cancer survivor who will embark upon a career in nursing hope to inspire others.

UB-led team developing 3D-printed, reusable N95-like respirators Google 翻訳
Prototype submitted for emergency FDA approval; could help ease shortage of life-saving PPE.

Small businesses advance quality management with UB TCIE guidance Google 翻訳
The business arm of UB's engineerng school helps small companies grow their business.

New UB app could help with COVID-19 contact tracing Google 翻訳
PocketCare+ aims to track not only where and when the disease spreads, but also how it spreads.

Seven UB students win NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Google 翻訳
The fellowships — which provide students freedom and funding — are one of the most competitive for graduate students in the U.S.

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