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The Soviet Military Program that Secretly Mapped the Entire World Google 翻訳

Queen Ants and Other Insects Bury Their Dead—Here's Why

Viking Funeral Clothes Reveal Surprising Arabic Lettering Google 翻訳

Watch a Daring Rescue of a Kitten From Deep Underground Google 翻訳

U.S. to Withdraw From UNESCO. Here's What That Means. Google 翻訳

Animals Don't Actually Sleep for the Winter, and Other Surprises About Hibernation Google 翻訳

Mysterious Blue Whale Behavior Likely Filmed for First Time Google 翻訳

Yellowstone Supervolcano May Rumble to Life Faster Than Thought Google 翻訳

Wildfires: How They Form, And Why They're So Dangerous Google 翻訳

First Rings Found Circling Weird World Near Pluto Google 翻訳

Hole the Size of Maine Opens in Antarctica Ice Google 翻訳

Anthrax May Have Killed 100 Hippos in Namibia Google 翻訳

Birds Once Turned Black From Pollution—What That Teaches Us Today

Squirrels Gone Wild: Their Quirky Behaviors Explained Google 翻訳

Warming Oceans May Make ‘Nemo’ Harder to Find

Friday the 13th Is Back. Here's Why It Scares Us. Google 翻訳

Life-Size Dolls Have Taken Over This Near-Deserted Town Google 翻訳

Surprise Meteor Lights Up Harvest Moon Festival Google 翻訳

Huge 'Tree Lobster' Not Extinct After All Google 翻訳

How 'Talking' Corpses Were Once Used to Solve Murders Google 翻訳

Poachers Work Across Borders, So Why Not Conservation Efforts? Google 翻訳
A new study finds that three-quarters of African savanna elephants cross country borders, but the treaty that protects them from the illegal ivory trade doesn’t account for that.

Morgan Freeman Seeks What Unites Humankind Google 翻訳

Nate Sweeps Through Gulf Coast—Here's the Storm Explained

Watch a Wall of Water Race Up a River Google 翻訳

This Woman Saved the Americas From the Nazis Google 翻訳

This Bug's Penis Is a Built-In Violin Google 翻訳

These Giant Invasive Beasts May Actually Be Good for the Planet Google 翻訳

Largest Marine Protected Area in North America to Be Created off Mexico Google 翻訳

Inside an Ancient Pagan Ritual That Makes Men Become Monsters Google 翻訳

Nearly 900 People Have Won Nobel Prizes. Only 48 Were Women. Google 翻訳

Why Haven't We Found Christopher Columbus's Ships? Google 翻訳

World's Smelliest Fruit Might Not Exist Without This Giant Bat Google 翻訳

New Clues to How Neanderthal Genes Affect Your Health Google 翻訳

How to See the October Harvest Moon—First in Almost a Decade

How Syrian Zoo Animals Escaped a War-Ravaged City Google 翻訳
It took extreme measures to save the zoo’s last survivors from one of the world’s most dangerous war zones.

Afghan Refugee Completes Historic Flight Around the World Google 翻訳

Could the Remains of Santa Claus Be in This Turkish Church? Google 翻訳

New Marine Parks Protect 290,000 Square Miles of Ocean Google 翻訳

Mysterious Disk Found in Ancient Greek Shipwreck Google 翻訳

Rescued Tortoise and Pet Dog Become the 'Best of Friends' Google 翻訳

9 Dazzling Discoveries of Ancient Gold Treasure Google 翻訳

Why Are Some Dogs More Aggressive? Google 翻訳

Watch a Mongoose Swing From a Deadly Snake Google 翻訳

250,000 Football Fields of Green Algae Now Cover Lake Erie Google 翻訳

What Are Flesh-Eating Bacteria, and How Do You Fight Them? Google 翻訳

Gravitational Waves Won the Physics Nobel Prize—Here's Why

Why Some Bird Species Have It Worse After the Latest Hurricanes Google 翻訳

How Humans Are Causing Deadly Earthquakes Google 翻訳

Can City Planning Help Win the War on Air Pollution? Google 翻訳

Nobel Prizes 2017: Facts About the Secretive Process and Peculiar Past Google 翻訳

Explore a 16th-Century Underwater Battlefield Google 翻訳

Uranus at Its Best, and More Can't-Miss Sky Events in October Google 翻訳

Meet the Bug That Is Born Pregnant Google 翻訳

Why T. Rex's Puny Arms Are a Sign of Strength Google 翻訳

'Nude Mona Lisa' Sketch May Have Been da Vinci's Google 翻訳

Myanmar's Rohingya Are in Crisis—What You Need to Know

These 10 Huge Discoveries Should've Been Nobel Prize Winners Google 翻訳
Our writers and editors name breakthrough advances and inventions that the Nobel Committee incomprehensibly overlooked.

Homeless Cats Recruited to Fight Rising Tide of Rats Google 翻訳

Why This Spider Has a Cartoonish Butt Google 翻訳

Elon Musk: In Seven Years, SpaceX Could Land Humans on Mars Google 翻訳

Watch the Epic Quest to Run a Marathon in Less Than 2 Hours Google 翻訳

Now We Know Why Poison Frogs Don't Poison Themselves Google 翻訳

Fatal Rockslide in Major National Park—What You Need to Know

'Lost Continent' Expedition Provides Clues to Earth's History Google 翻訳

Hidden Costs of Climate Change Running Hundreds of Billions a Year Google 翻訳

Giant Rat That Fell From Sky Is New Species Google 翻訳

Hurricane Damages Giant Radio Telescope—Why It Matters

China's 'Dead Sea' Transforms Into a Rainbow—Here's Why

Mother Monkey Eats Mummified Baby in 'Astonishing' Case Google 翻訳

What You Need to Know About Recent Copperhead Bites Google 翻訳

Man Partly Wakes From 15-Year Vegetative State—What It Means

Without the Ozone Treaty You’d Get Sunburned in 5 Minutes

The Templars Got Rich Fighting for God—Then Lost It All

See the Lizard That Shoots Blood From Its Eyes Google 翻訳

Why is This Road in Mexico 'Breathing'? Google 翻訳

See the WWI Submarine Discovered Off the Coast of Belgium Google 翻訳

White Whale Caught on Video—How'd it Get That Way?

The Autumn Equinox is Here! Wait, What's the Autumn Equinox? Google 翻訳
It comes twice a year and marks the first day of fall, but a lot of people don't understand this celestial alignment.

How a 3-Ton Mess of Dead Pigs Transformed This Landscape Google 翻訳

This Furniture Is Made Out of Mushrooms Google 翻訳

Rush for Donkey Skins in China Draws Wildlife Traffickers Google 翻訳
In high demand for traditional medicine, donkey skins have become a hot commodity on the black market.

Why This Hurricane Season Has Been So Catastrophic Google 翻訳

Medieval Porpoise Burial Puzzles Scientists Google 翻訳

This Neanderthal Child Grew Up Just Like Us Google 翻訳

Watch a Rare Video of Two-Faced Kitten Google 翻訳

See Massive Roman Mosaic Unearthed in England Google 翻訳

Watch a Snake Stuck in the Nose of Another Snake Google 翻訳

Watch Baby Spiders Eat Their Mothers Alive Google 翻訳

Alligators Attack and Eat Sharks, Study Confirms Google 翻訳

How Climate Change Likely Strengthened Recent Hurricanes Google 翻訳

Duck Penises Grow Bigger Among Rivals Google 翻訳

What Caused the Mexico Earthquake? Faults Explained Google 翻訳
What was that you felt? Faults deep underground produce different kinds of earthquakes.

5 Videos Show the Irresistible Charm of Seals Google 翻訳

Satellite Photos Reveal Hidden Alphabet on Earth's Surface Google 翻訳

Talk Like a Pirate Day? Not Even Pirates Spoke Pirate Google 翻訳
Arrrr you kidding me? Don't let it dampen your Talk Like a Pirate Day, but "walk the plank" and other buccaneer bon mots are pure pop culture.

Why It's Unlikely the World Will End on September 23 Google 翻訳

Ancient Maya King Found in 'Centipede Dynasty' Tomb Google 翻訳

Why Some Young Europeans Are Joining ISIS Google 翻訳

See the Wild Places That May Lose Protections as National Monuments Google 翻訳

Thousands Submitted Ideas to Our ‘Chasing Genius’ Challenge. These 4 Won

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